Welcome to Olymp - the heating systems from Tirol!

50 years old but still not muted! 

When Anton Schwarz was 21 years old he started developing and selling oil burners. Today he proudly can look back on 50 successful years of leading Olymp. 

A company with a notable history. 1960 Anton Schwarz applied for his first patent. At this time Olymp was founded. In a small garage the young engeneer worked on energy-saving burners in a decade where "saving the ecology" was luxury. 

After the energy-shock in 1973 Olymp developed variators for low-temperatur use. In 1977 the next big concept of the company changed the heating-market. The Viscostat-oil-preheater was a big development which is also today's standart.

From 1973 on the head office of Olymp is located in Ötztal-Bahnhof in Tirol. Today Olymp is a company with customers in whole Europe. 

Variators, oil-, gas- and biomass-fired boilers, burners, solarsystems, heat pumps and all sorts of regulations are only a part of Olymp's assortment.