Innovative radiator.

The time of dry, overheated rooms is over! Olymp offers a healthy alternative with its wellness radiators. The mild warming of air with low water temperatures results in relative air humidity of 45 to 60 per cent and consequently a constant optimal heating climate. Besides it comes to energy saving too!

The ideal solution for low temperature heating

Aluminium enables it! The difference between an Olymp radiator and a conventional radiator is in the  construction. Olymp radiators contain about 90 per cent less hot water and due to the excellent conductivity of aluminium, they start heating immediately.

With Olymp radiators you are able to use energy whenever you need it which means potential savings up to 20 per cent!
Also the material aluminium brings you such benefits as high corrosion resistance and easy mounting through the small weight.

Aluminium conducts heat four times as quick as steel, of which the conventional radiators are made.

It means:

> high utilization of thermal capacity at the smallest place with minimal water content.

> perfect low temperature heating

> excellent precise regulation

Because of its outstanding constructive-biological properties this material is also recommended by experts.


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