Perfect combustion is no coincident. A long experience in building burners is the solid base for a modern and reliable combustions system.

Olymp has always been one of the most innovative companies and holds many patents. The Viscostat oil preheater for gasoil is used on many burners.


Olymp burners are made under the most modern aspects and the high quality standards of Olymp ensure you about high reliability and long live of all Olymp burners.


Main features and options

• Viscostat oil preheater

• energy saving damper

• double air flow adjustment

• optimised fan

• precision burner head

• low emission burner head

• Antiphon noise hood

• plugs on all electric parts

• adjustable burner head length on some models

• easy maintenance


The Olymp hydraulic energy saving damper

Olymp developed a unique hydraulic energy saving damper which ensures that there is no circulation of cold air through the burner during stand by. Hot air stays inside the boiler and increases the all over efficiency of the whole system.


The Olymp Viscostat oil preheater

Olymp invented the preheating of gas oil in 1977 to stabilize the performance and to optimise the starting period.


The Olymp Low Nox range

Olymp has been one of the first manufacturers which were able to present a wide range of burners to match the high Swiss standards in 1989. We are able to offer a wide variety of different burners to cover all purposes.