The new Olymp OlyTop air sourced heat pump is the ideal solution for renewable orientated house owners. The Olymp OlyTop heat pump converts free energy from the surrounding air environment into heat. The inteligent control and design gives a high performance also at lower air temperatures. 


> High efficiency COP up to 3,7

> Large output range up to 34kW

> Space saving installation in the corner is possible

> Low installation cost due to prefabricated design

> Indoor or outdoor version available


Many installation choices

The Olymp OlyTop air sourced heat pump can be installed indoor or outdoor. This enables a bigger choice of planing possibilities and it is possible to find the ideal installation site. The noise level is low due to the high tech radial fan regulation with a large heat exchanger. The Olymp OlyTop air source heat pumpe comes with a sofisticated regulation computer to control the heating and domestic hot water.



Learn more about the OlyTop heatpump and download the leaflet of the air-water heatpump

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"OlyTop - air sourced heat pump"