The requirements for energy-efficient heating

Energy efficient heating. The simple boiler efficiency is only part of the all over efficiency of a heating system. The different requirements and the new tasks of alternative energy integration set the need for an all over view of the whole system.
A good match of the different components in the heating system set the base for an efficient energy use. 

Olymp provides the alternative to common systems to ensure a perfect use of the energy now and in the future.

1 - Environmentally friendly energy-mix

Flexabillity provides independence. The personal energy mix is more than an alternative, it provides safety for the future.

2 - Heat distribution when it is needed

The generated energy has to be used a the required times. This sound logical but is a complex mater due to the different energy souces and levels. The Olymp system provides this logic with the all over view an all sides of you heating system.

3 - Thermal buffer tank

The energy has to be stored as the input and the output of the energy is at different times and on different levels.

The energy is stored in the Olymp thermal store buffer with the advanced internal pipe work. The different alternative energy sources like solar and wood are stored and the operation mode for heat pumps, pellet boilers and other boiler types are better due to the decreasing number of starts.



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